Do you know what is a xylo-hockey?

On the night of our showcase in 2014, while the Habs fought (and won 7-4 against the Rangers) to remain in the finals, Prologue’s own Créason scored big at Prologue’s Spring Showcase at the Young People’s Theatre with the xylo-hockey, one of their wacky AND efficient inventions to create new sounds.

CréaSon (from Québec) is part of the  Prologue roster of artists performing in the schools. 
 The audience went from amused to impressed when Sylvain Grenier started to performed on his xylo-hockey made out of hockey sticks and recycled plastic bottles, scientifically cut to play perfect pitch notes. He was accompanied by his partner in crime Alain Quirion. 

CLICK HERE to hear them out!

As you can see! With CréaSon, there’s no need to choose between sports and music in the schools!