I recently returned from Vancouver where I was attending the ArtStarts Conference. 

First of all, without being too “obnoxious” in our freezing Toronto weather – it’s amazing what a sunny walk around the seawall in Stanley Park can do! It was also amazing, as I sat in the theatre watching showcases by West Coast artists (as well as our own Tribal Vision, Red Sky Performance and Brendan McLeod) to feel a part of a national foundation of support for arts education. 

We forget, as we all try to manage our work and personal lives, that the connection between artists and young people is most often inspiring. I was reminded of that inspiration and so I invite you, as it is soon March “break” to take a break and remember. Take a break and celebrate the arts and your part in making meaningful connections for young people! 

Take a break… spring is on its way!

Patty Jarvis
Prologue’s Executive Director