May 2018 is Asian Heritage Month

Celebrate in your school with a performance! See below for available artists.

Little Pear Garden Dance Company
“Tales of Goddesses and a Painter”
Join the Chinese Empire’s best painter on a journey exploring paintings along the Silk Road in this beautiful story told through classic Chinese storytelling and dance.

Grades K-8
$1020 + HST for up to 350 students

Rukhsana Khan
“Inspiration All Around”
Critically acclaimed author Rukhsana Khan shares beloved stories with an emphasis on exploring South Asian cultural issues surrounding poverty, immigration, and family.

Grades K-8
$300 + HST, discounts for multiple shows, each for up to 100 students

Silk Road Music
“Jou Tou” & “China Speaks your Language”
Silk Road Music’s presentations fuse musical styles from around the world with a focus on Asian music and global perspectives. Available bilingually and in French.

Grades K-8 (also available for secondary schools)
$600 for up to 350 students

Sitar Fusion
“In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta”
Take a journey with the great medieval traveler, Ibn Battuta, through captivating music, dance and narrative.

Grades K-8 (also available for secondary schools)

$750 + HST for up to 350 students