Prologue’s Dance roster and other resources
This page offers a table of contents of Prologue’s dance-related resources. 

Dance roster for 2014-2015
Looking for an exciting dance performance for young audience? Click on the names below to access our website’s pages with details for each artist and company offering dance performances and workshops. Or click here to access our interactive Dance catalogue for 2014-2015. (Note that you’ll need to download the PDF and “allow” to access its interactive components.)

Aché Brasil
AKA Dance
Ballet Creole
Ballet Jörgen Canada
Gimme One Riddim
Kahuarangi Maori Dance Theatre
Little Pear Garden Collective 
Menaka Thakkar Dance Company
Motus O Dance Theatre
National Ballet of Canada
Stand Up Dance
Tribal Vision Dance

(Note that our mosaic is also interactive.)

Pinterest resources by Prologue
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Posts about our dance artists
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Corpus: A Japanese review
Kaha:wi Dance gets a Dora for Santee Smith
Menaka Thakkar gets prestigious $30K Walter Carsen Prize

Posts about dance advocacy
D-Day Dance: Where dance meets… History