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Project Description

Quintroversy Woodwind Quintet

Peter and the Wolf – Performance

In this adaptation of Prokofiev’s enchanting tale, the audience hears how a flute can become a bird, a clarinet becomes a cat and how through music and teamwork, Peter can save his friends from the big bad wolf. With their instrumental playfulness, Quintroversy and their hilarious narrator redefine classical music for a new generation, inviting young imaginations to take part in this timeless story in a fun and open atmosphere.

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Curriculum Connections

  • Music as a means to create mood and characters for storytelling
  • Versatility of woodwind instruments

Booking Details

School Fee: $900.00 + HST
Audience: 350
Grades: K-6
Language: English, Bilingual
Availability: Year-Round

About Quintroversy Woodwind Quintet

Quintroversy is a Toronto-based woodwind quintet. The group was formed with the mission to introduce classical music to young people. All five instrumentalists were exposed to classical music at a young age and have made music their passion, as well as their career, performing in solo, chamber and orchestral settings.

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