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Project Description

Philippe Flahaut

The Great Adventure of Monsieur Philippe – Performance

With his guitar in one hand and a suitcase filled with surprises in the other, Monsieur Philippe takes you on a voyage with traditional songs from France and Canada. Each performance is adapted for audience grade levels as Philippe uses drawings, knickknacks, and other accessories to help early learners participate and understand the songs while having fun! Available in French or bilingual versions only.

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Curriculum Connections

  • Songs for self-discovery and learning vocabulary
  • Singing and playing in unison

Booking Details

School Fee: $300 + HST
Audience Size: 60
Grades: K-3
Language: Bilingual, French
Availability: Year-Round

About Philippe Flahaut

Philippe Flahaut is a singer-songwriter from France who has written many songs for the television series Mini TFO (e.g. Les bobos, Le plus petit, Les couleurs primaires, and La valse de l’automne). “Monsieur Philippe” has been touring his lively and engaging performances for over ten years in French schools and daycares throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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