Project Description

Jack Grunsky

It’s Showtime! – Residency

In this two-day residency, eight classes work closely with singer-songwriter Jack Grunsky to prepare and present a concert. Each class works on a song and activity prior to Jack’s arrival and rehearses with him throughout the first day. On the second day, Jack brings the groups together for a school performance that is repeated for friends and families in the evening.

Sing. Listen. Learn – Performance

Jack strongly believes in the magic of music and singing to empower children. In his participatory performance he will share songs to inspire and spark creative young minds and nurture listening skills; songs that open windows to the world and songs for building language skills, body and spacial awareness, promote self-esteem and a sense of community.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Elements of musical performance
  • Music and community

Booking Details

School Fee: $1,220 + HST (Showtime Residency); $610 + HST (Sing. Listen. Learn)
Audience: 240 (8 classes) – Showtime Residency. 300 – Sing. Listen. Learn.
Grades: K-6
Language: English, Bilingual
Availability: Year-Round

About Jack Grunsky

Jack Grunsky has been creating and sharing music with children for over 25 years. His fifteen recordings have received several prestigious children’s media awards including 4 JUNOs! Jack’s work draws on a variety of genres and integrates sounds, rhythms and instruments from around the globe, to encourage young people to explore and care about the world they live in.

“Jack’s music is exuberant… a gift to young listeners who will follow him on a wondrous trip through their imaginations. Jack makes explorers of us all…”

Parent, Toronto

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