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Project Description



From Handel to Hip-Hop

This original performance by Infinitus focuses on listening skills to illustrate various elements of classical music, such as the identical but distinct parts of a canon or the imagery and mood of a Scottish lament. The trio of musicians seamlessly combines violin, viola, and cello (with a hint of vocal beatbox) through a repertoire that ranges from the frenetic energy of Flight of the Bumblebee to the rhythmic complexities of hip-hop.

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Curriculum Connections

  • Elements of composition in music
  • Appreciation for diverse musical genres

Booking Details

School Fee: $970.00
Audience: 350
Grades: K-8 (Also Available for High School)
Language: English
Availability: Apr/May 2018

About Infinitus

Infinitus is a Vancouver-based beatboxing string trio. Violist Anthony Cheung, cellist Alex Cheung and violinist John “Adidam” Littlejohn are known for their unique sound and upbeat performance style. With a repertoire featuring classical standards and original jazz/hip-hop arrangements, the critically-acclaimed company has quickly become one of North America’s premier chamber groups.

“I was really surprised what you [Infinitus] can do on the violin, cello, and the viola. I never knew violins, cellos and violas can do pop. I thought it was just classic music. I really, really, really wanted to see more because it made my day and it looked like it made yours, too.”  
Mya, student at Massey Street Public School, Peel DSB