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Project Description

Emerita Emerencia

The Mouse, the Ant and the Antelopes – Performance

This interactive performance demonstrates the value of humility and the importance of sharing and respect. When Chabelita (a hand-puppet) has a scary encounter with a mouse, her auntie Emerita calms her with her own version of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,as well as The Ant and the Butterfly and a tale of African antelopes.

Character Building – Workshop

Following her performance of The Mouse for up to 100 students, Emerita can offer a workshop to the whole group. With the use of drama techniques, movement, music and improvisation, students learn to become aware of respect. Must be booked with a performance.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Folktales and fables as a means for sharing life lessons
  • Respect, kindness and consideration for others

Booking Details

School Performance Fee: 1 show: $300.00 + HST, 2 shows: $468 + HST, 3 shows: $624 + HST
School Workshop Fee: $324 + HST
Audience Size: 100
Workshop Size: 100 students (K-8)
Grades: K-3
Language: English
Availability: February 2018

About Emerita Emerencia

Self-described as “an Aruban by nature and a Canadian by nurture,” Emerita Emerencia is a multilingual artist originally trained as a teacher in Aruba. She has worked as a dance instructor at the University of Toronto, as a choreographer for school projects with the National Ballet of Canada and as a librettist for the Canadian Opera Company.

“She’s a great entertainer and a fine musician.”

Teacher, London