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How To Book With Prologue

If it is the first time you help your school welcome an artist or company, you may not know where to begin. The following is intended to guide you through the process of introducing and planning a “Performing Arts Program” in your school.

Step 1: Introducing a “Performing Arts Program”

  • Present the idea to the school council and administration.
  • If necessary, survey the parents through the school newsletter or at a special meeting.
  • Select a school council or staff member to serve as the “Arts Coordinator”.
  • Inform the parents and staff about the “Performing Arts Program” and tell them the benefits to students, the school and the parents. (See Why Book With Prologue?)
  • Establish funding for the “Performing Arts Program” with the school council or school administration.
  • Begin planning the “Performing Arts Program” calendar in the spring for next season’s performances.

Step 2: The Planning Process

Ideally, the planning process starts at the end of the school year so that by the start of the next year all events are booked and necessary arrangements are in place for first performances.

  • Prologueʼs new school catalogue always comes out in May. Call us to order a free copy of our printed catalogue, or click here to view or download the PDF version of our current School Catalogue
  • Contact one of the Prologue sales staff for more information
  • Obtain approval for bookings (from principal, school council)
  • Confirm bookings with Prologue
  • Finalize funding
  • Inform other staff and parents
  • Arts Coordinator monitors return of forms and payment
  • Arts Coordinator acts as contact prior, on the day of and after the performance

See the Contact Us section for our representatives respective extension number and email address.

We invite you to visit the For the SCHOOLS section of our blog Showtime! for tips, ideas and inspiring stories supporting Arts Education into the schools.