Where do educators get their information about professional arts for young audiences?

Important key results from Prologue's online Client Survey Between October and December 2015, Prologue sent a survey to over 5,000 clients currently in our database (including teachers, principals, parents in school councils, librarians, arts coordinators as well as public and/or volunteer presenters). The response rate was over 20%!  One of the questions we asked them was: Where do [...]

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Why a blog?

Because you have something to say!Have you ever received an email from a friend about something interesting (a new show, a new service, a new piece of art) that they ask you to share? If your first impulse was to share it in your social media, you went looking for a link in the email. If [...]

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Need a video clip to promote your performance?

Whether it is to apply for a grant or to promote yourself on your website, on YouTube and other social media, and by email, a decent clip is the best calling card for a performing artist.  We recently organized an Artist Exchange featuring the Touring Officer of Ontario Arts Council and she could not stress enough [...]

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Marketing TIPS: Why our artists should link Prologue to their website

DuffleBag Theatre links Prologue under Booking InformationWe were curious to find out if there's a difference between the companies who post a link to www.www.prologue.org on their website, and those who don't. With 52 companies on our roster for the season 2014-2015, we have a good sampling of different online marketing strategies used by artists (or [...]

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What will get you over 500,000 views? Ask TorQ Percussion

Someone said of the percussion piece Stinkin' Garbage, by E.Argenziano: "This piece ROCK!!! Every percussion ensemble should play this piece at least once." So, Prologue's own TorQ Percussion Quarter did! And they posted it on YouTube.And it got them over 564,560 views! (as of June 18, 2015) Here's TorQ Percussion's version of the piece on YouTube!Good tipIt appears that offering their [...]

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