Why a blog?

Because you have something to say!Have you ever received an email from a friend about something interesting (a new show, a new service, a new piece of art) that they ask you to share? If your first impulse was to share it in your social media, you went looking for a link in the email. If [...]

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Marketing TIPS: Why our artists should link Prologue to their website

DuffleBag Theatre links Prologue under Booking InformationWe were curious to find out if there's a difference between the companies who post a link to www.www.prologue.org on their website, and those who don't. With 52 companies on our roster for the season 2014-2015, we have a good sampling of different online marketing strategies used by artists (or [...]

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The making (and sharing) of Prologue’s school catalogue

Every year in March, once Prologue's Programme Committee has decided who will be on the roster for the coming school year, we start gathering information on the returning/new shows from returning/new artists and companies. The school catalogue is the single most important marketing tool to promote them to the school. Every year in early April, we [...]

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Why performance study guides matter

Helping teachers help you! As Prologue artists, you're probably aware that we strive to not only provide the best in performing arts to schools, but to also help enhance the education curriculum. What you probably don't know is that we're asked on a regular basis if our shows come with a study guide.While the experience [...]

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Looking for a venue in Toronto?

Have you heard about SpaceFinder Toronto?The new FREE online platform toronto.spacefinder.org was created to connect artists searching spaces with venues renting spaces in and around Toronto (for rehearsal, performance, classes, auditions, readings, exhibitions, etc). TAPA, WorkInCulture and ArtsBuild Ontario have partnered to support a Toronto version of SpaceFinder, an initiative of Fractured Atlas in the US. As explained [...]

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