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Prologue Children’s Festival 2016

Prologue strikes the right note... again! On May 18th, Prologue invited educators with their families, and the general public, to attend a joyful evening celebrating the impact of arts education in the schools. It was our first time offering our Spring showcase at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts (Jane Mallett Theatre) and everyone [...]

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Interested in Asian Heritage Month?

May is Asian Heritage Month! Here's a selection of artists that you might want to consider around the month of May, to celebrate Asians (and South Asians) and their contributions to Canada. Click on the name to access the artist's page on our website and discover: Khac Chi Bamboo Music Funny Bamboo Music A funny [...]

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Where do educators get their information about professional arts for young audiences?

Important key results from Prologue's online Client Survey Between October and December 2015, Prologue sent a survey to over 5,000 clients currently in our database (including teachers, principals, parents in school councils, librarians, arts coordinators as well as public and/or volunteer presenters). The response rate was over 20%!  One of the questions we asked them was: Where do [...]

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Prologue’s ARTISTS EXCHANGE: 5 TIPS for new Canadian artists

  For the first time, our Artists Exchange (held on February 24 at the Toronto Centre for the Arts) was done in partnership with North York Arts, in our desire to reach artists in the north of Toronto. We really enjoyed this experience, thanks to North York Arts, its fantastic space and delicious food ! [...]

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Raffi said it, and we agree!

The popular singer Raffi has created a Centre for Child Honouring. When visiting his website, we found truths that really resonated with us at Prologue, and anyone who is an Arts advocate at heart.  "Early experience lasts a lifetime. It shapes our self and how we see others... It also shapes our sense of what's [...]

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Why a blog?

Because you have something to say!Have you ever received an email from a friend about something interesting (a new show, a new service, a new piece of art) that they ask you to share? If your first impulse was to share it in your social media, you went looking for a link in the email. If [...]

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